Calendar for school year  20/21

Aug 27th                                      

Aug 28th                                      

Aug 31st                                       


Sept 1st                                         

Sept 2nd                                      

Sept 7th                                  

Sept 16th                               


Oct 1st                                      

Oct 5th                                         

Oct 20th                                   

Oct 22nd                                     

Oct 26th-Oct 30th                    


Nov 18th                                      

Nov 23rd-Nov 27th                 


Dec 8th                                      

Dec 21st                                     

Dec 23rd-Jan 5th                      


Jan 7th                                        

Jan 13th                                      

Jan 18th-Jan 29th                                             

Jan 26th                                        


Feb 10th                                       

Feb 15th-Feb 19th                    

Feb 24th                                       


Mar 17th                                     

March 24th-25th                         

March 28th-Apr 9th                 


May 4th                                      

May 27th                                     

May 27th                                    

May 31st-June 4th                      

Planning Day

First years return

6th and 3rd years return


5th and 2nd years return

TY’s return

Information evening for 1st year parents at 7 pm

Information evening for 3rd and 6th year parents at 7pm


Open Night for incoming first years

No school

3rd year Parent-Teacher meeting

Conor McCormack Road Race

Mid-Term Break


6th year Parent-Teacher meeting

Christmas Tests


5th year Parent-Teacher meeting

Christmas Service

Christmas Holidays

2nd year Parent-Teacher meeting

1st year Parent-Teacher meeting

Mock Exams                                     

Junior Cert Cluster day (no school for students)


Junior Cert training day (no school for students)


TY Parent-Teacher meeting


No school

Variety Show

Easter Holidays


No school

6th year Graduation

Awards Day

Summer Tests    


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