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Calendar for school year  23/24

Aug 24th                                      

Aug 25th                                      


Sept 4th  

Sept 12th                                   

Sept 20th                                  


Oct 2nd                                      

Oct 5th                                         

Oct 23rd                                     

Oct 24th

Oct 25th

Oct 26th 

Oct 30th-Nov 3rd                    


Nov 9th

Nov 20th

Nov 21st-Nov 27th


Dec 4th

Dec 12th                                      

Dec 13th

Dec 25th-Jan 5th                      


Jan 9th

Jan 18th                                      

Jan 22nd-Feb 2nd


Feb 12th-Feb 16th                                      


Mar 6th                                 

March 25th-Apr 5th 


May 23rd                                      

May 24th                                     

May 27th-May 31st                      

Planning Day

Return to school 

Information evening for 1st year parents at 7pm (in-school)

Information evening for 3rd and 6th year parents at 7pm (online) 

Information evening for 2nd and 5th year parents at 7pm (online) 


No school

Open Night for incoming first years (in-school)

TY Variety Show (Night 1)

TY Variety Show (Night 2)

Conor McCormack Road Race

6th year Parent-Teacher meeting

Mid-Term Break


3rd year Parent-Teacher meeting

Junior Cert Cluster day (no school for students)

Christmas Tests

No school

5th year Parent-Teacher meeting

JCT Training Day for teachers (no school for students)

Christmas Holidays

2nd year Parent-Teacher meeting

1st year Parent-Teacher meeting

Mock Exams



TY Parent-Teacher Meeting

Easter Holidays


6th year Graduation and Awards Day

Transition Year Graduation

Summer Tests    


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